RZ Mekpart ab

MPirum product lines focus on high-quality and new technical features within a distinctive design. Currently they are tailored to the needs of the construction industry with a focus on enhanced ergonomics and improved working environment.

By carefully developing and operating within networks, all RZ Mekpart products are from the beginning designed to meet the most stringent quality demands and capable of accelerated production volumes in accordance to the needs of the expanding international sales network.

RZ Mekpart AB has successfully supplied all manufacturing and assembly services needed MPirum's range of high-quality drill stands since 2015, as they are the leading company within the RZ group for precision machining, welding and final assembly.

The purchase by RZ Mekpart AB represents a natural development step and the decision has been taken in consultation with our largest retailer SDC AB, which has been pro-actively involved in the development and sales of the MPirum range since its launch in the beginning of 2014.

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